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A Ph.D. in English, with over 8 years of experience in client-facing content development as Editor in Chief. Additionally, I assist early stage startups in devising and launching content strategies. I stack tailored tools and processes to deliver quality content for both Business and Higher Learning.

Content Strategy

I begin by conducting interviews with stakeholders and subject matter experts to determine business goals and needs. I then work with stakeholders to create a content strategy. For early stage startups or business plans this could mean getting a blog up and running, writing high-quality articles and/or producing other audio-visual content. For established companies this could mean taking a company-wide audit of pre-existing content and coming up with a new informational architecture; determining what stays, what goes and what still needs to be created. Finally, I team with all stakeholders to quickly implement the strategy. Learn More...

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Content Management

I have been Editor in Chief of Nebula (2004-2011) and content architect and Editor in Chief on projects for hire with ABC-Clio (2009) and Oxford University Press (2017-2018). As a Content Manager I can help you: a) Devise a content strategy b) Design or maintain a workflow c) Tailor or maintain a content management system to support workflow d) Build or maintain an editorial calendar e) Train, manage or work with teams of writers, editors & designers f) Design or maintain a PR and Partnerships outreach system g) Liaise with marketing teams to optimize content for growth. Learn More...

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Curriculum Design

With 15 years of international experience in Higher Learning, I have designed and taught courses for e-learning platforms and at traditional universities and colleges. I approach curriculum design with two questions: what can the student do now and what do they want to be able to do? Learn More...

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Content Production

With 20 years in research, writing and multimedia content creation, I have the proven ability to produce content for virtually any context or audience. Learn More...

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Digital Marketing

Familiar with the entire Digital Marketing Ecosystem, I interface cross-functionally with marketing and communications teams to develop, test and optimize content.

Content Marketing

Technical SEO

Social Marketing

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